Competition Brief

The world’s finest wildlife conservation zoo, a globally renowned botanic garden, and New York City’s largest park complete with its own sandy beach. A new professional baseball stadium, 12,000 new street trees, renovated infrastructure and transit throughout the borough. Hot music, even hotter food, and cutting-edge fashion that defines street wear across the country every season. More than a billion dollars invested in 2007 in developing housing that is mixed use, mixed income, for rent and to own, with off-street parking and green construction. New housing builds on existing stock that includes elegant Art Deco middle class buildings that already house one of the most diverse and dynamic communities on the planet. Welcome to the Bronx.

By 2030, New York City is projected to grow by over a million residents, and 124,000 will settle in the Bronx – the equivalent of the entire population of Ann Arbor, Michigan, or New Haven, Connecticut. (1) And this makes sense – Bronx communities are thriving, alive with the art, music, cultural and social vibrancy that has defied decades of depression. On the edge of substantial population growth, development and investment, and in celebration of the centennial of the borough’s grandest boulevard, the Grand Concourse – now is the time to look forward and envision what the Bronx and the Concourse of the future should be.


(1) PlaNYC: A Greener, Greater New York. The City of New York (April 2007)



lobby floor

Vintage Art Deco floor and elevator designs at 1150 Grand Concourse, 2006. Courtesy Librado Romero/The New York Times.