Who Can Enter

The competition is now closed. Thank you to all who submitted ideas.

Intersections: Grand Concourse Beyond 100 was open to all interested entrants. Individuals, teams, professionals, students, artists and others were encouraged to contribute their visions. Multiple submissions from any one individual or team were permitted, although each entry must be submitted under a unique user ID.


There was a required $30 registration fee per entrant / entrant team. All fees must be paid through PayPal. In order to submit a proposal, entrants must register for the competition by April 24, 2009.

Application Process

All competition entries were required to be submitted digitally through an online submission process. The competition is now closed. Thank you to all who submitted ideas.

To begin the online submission process entrants needed a valid email address to log into the system, after which they registered in order to proceed with their submission. While completing their online application, entrants were able to save each part and move back and forward within the pages of the application. However, once the final submit button has been clicked at the end, the submission is final and there will not be an opportunity to review or modify it.

All submissions must be received by midnight on May 1, 2009. Please note that we anticipate a high number of submissions, so we strongly encourage entrants to upload and finalize their submission as soon as it is complete instead of waiting until the day of the deadline. Heavy traffic on the day of the deadline could seriously slow down the online application process.

Projects must be submitted electronically via the online submission form. Mailed materials will not be accepted. By clicking the submit button applications are finalized and cannot be altered at a later time.

The online application allows applicants to upload supporting materials. If an attached file is corrupt the Design Trust will contact the applicant for a replacement file.

Submission Requirements

Highly creative submissions were encouraged. We hope to see submissions from entrants across disciplines as well as from interdisciplinary teams. We look forward to the submission of architectural renderings and urban plans from architects and designers; illustrative and descriptive text from writers; and paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography, collage, and more from artists. Any medium may be employed to produce your proposal.

This urban design challenge was open-ended and does not restrict entrants to any specific program or site requirement. Entrants were encouraged but not required to directly address the physical conditions and sociocultural significance of the Grand Concourse in their proposal.

Images: Each registered participant could submit up to four (4) images. Any medium may be employed to produce these four required images that illustrate your proposal. The dimension of the images must be 11 x 17” (or 17 x 11”) at 300dpi. No other dimensions or resolution will be accepted.

The only acceptable submission format is RGB jpeg, 85% compression. If you want to create hand drawings, sketches, models, sculptures, collages, posters, etc., please scan or photograph them.

Text: All submissions must include the following:

1. Project Title
2. Name(s) of all contributors (in the exact order as you would like to be listed)
3. Brief summary of your proposal {50 words or less}

4. Detailed description of your proposal {250 words or less}. This must include:
(1) Your goals for the Concourse and the Bronx
(2) Your overall design philosophy
(3) The key physical features of your proposal


This competition is open to all, regardless of education or professional background or affiliation. Students are encouraged to submit. All entries will be reviewed by the jury anonymously. Thus, all submitted text and images must be free of marks, logos, or writing that identifies authorship. The presence of any such insignia will result in automatic disqualification.

By submitting an entry the application warrants that it is his/her original work.

Reproduction Rights

All materials submitted to the competition become the property of The Bronx Museum of the Arts and the Design Trust for Public Space, and may be retained for archival purposes, exhibition and possible publication. Each competition entrant will retain full copyright of all their materials, and will always be given appropriate credit if and when their material is used.

If you have any questions, please take a look at the entire website, especially the FAQ page,  before sending an email to:


Skateboarder at Lou Gehrig Plaza, 2008. Courtesy Ozier Muhammad/The New York Times.