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The Bronx is the northernmost of New York City’s boroughs, and the only borough connected to the North American mainland – all others are islands (Manhattan, Staten Island) or part of Long Island (Queens, Brooklyn). The Grand Concourse is the main north-south artery in the Bronx.

Grand Concourse

This four-mile long and 180-foot wide stretch of curving and hilly roadway was modeled on Paris’ Champs-Élysées, and has the look and feel of a broad French-style promenade. The Grand Concourse stretches from 138th Street in the South Bronx to Van Cortlandt Park.

The Concourse is well served by public transportation: the 4, 5, B and D subway lines, the Bx1 and Bx2 busses, and Metro North all have multiple stops on and close to the Grand Concourse, providing direct connections from the Concourse to both the east and west sides of Manhattan. Bike lanes, however, are scarce – a mere 5 blocks of the Concourse’s 4 miles include a bike lane, from 165-170th Street.

The most recent speed and volume studies conducted by the Department of Transportation show midday (11am—2pm) vehicle speeds on the Grand Concourse’s service roads ranging from 18—28 mph, and 30—33 mph on the main roads. Service road volumes were 550 — 600 vehicles (passing the counter each hour) during peak hours, and main road volumes were 1400 — 1550 vehicles. (1)


(1) Data from June, 2000. Obtained from: Safe Streets NY, NYC Department of Transportation. April 2006.

Curve on the Bronx Grand Concourse

Looking south along the Grand Concourse, 2006. Courtesy Librado Romero/The New York Times.